Faculty of the Month: Interview with Marybeth McKavic

Faculty of the Month: Interview with Marybeth McKavic

Do you know who to go to if you ever want to switch one of your classes? What about if you want to change levels in English because your class is going much faster than you had anticipated? Hopefully you would know to go to Ms. McKavic, whose office lies right next to the College Counseling offices. 

Ms. Mckavic grew up in Easton, PA with five siblings and attended Lehigh University, where she majored in math and secondary education. At Lehigh, she was also a part of a sorority with which she organized philanthropic projects. 

After graduating, she moved to California to teach at an independent school. There, she taught various high school math classes including Geometry (which she hated taking in school but loved to teach), Statistics, and Algebra II. She also managed some registrar duties. She met her husband in California and together they moved back to Pennsylvania so their two sons could grow up near family. Ms. Mckavic states that her family is the most important part of her life. 

With her family, Ms. McKavic loves camping, traveling, and watching sports.  She receives the most joy from watching her kids play outside with their friends in the neighborhood. Going on hikes and runs are part of her routine, as she loves nature. Additionally, she also enjoys reading occasionally and doing puzzles and projects around her house.  She’s actually very handy and likes doing “fixit” projects because they resemble a puzzle. Her love of logic problems has helped her find joy in her job at AIS, saying her favorite part of her job is during the add/drop period (which ends October 6), when students are most likely to visit her office. Her second favorite part, of course, is organizing everyone’s schedules. 

When she was in school, Ms. McKavic never really liked English or history because of the requirement to write essays; instead, she really enjoyed math but recalls that it never came easily to her. In second grade, she failed her multiplication tables quiz; however, this experience shaped her outlook not only on her studies, but also on her life. She learned at a young age to pick herself up after failure and to try again until she gets it right. Go pay a visit to Ms. McKavic today and let her know how much we appreciate her!

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