Disney Partners With TikTok

One hundred years ago, the Walt Disney company opened its doors and altered society as we know it today. Disney has shaped our childhoods and memories and served as a huge part of all of our lives. So, what did Disney do to celebrate turning one hundred years old, a huge milestone? 

While the Disney company celebrated its birthday in many ways, such as opening new rides, making a short film, and having Moana and Lion king reappear in theaters, one of the most notable ways was partnering with Tiktok. 

In this partnership, Disney created a Disney card game where one would complete tasks, such as following a Disney account, to earn cards to open. One would try to collect the six character cards of the week. Many people enjoyed this game and TikTok promoted it, making it a big trend. Many different influencers posted videos of the cards they needed and some posted tips and tricks. 

This marketing technique was a huge success. While reconnecting teenagers with their childhoods, Disney earned a lot of revenue from the popularity of the game. Asad Ayaz, Chief Brand Officer of Walt Disney stated, “The Disney100 collaboration with TikTok allowed us the opportunity to expand our community, reach our core fans, encourage creativity, inspire storytelling, and engage audiences with our timeless stories and characters through unique interactives.” Disney used TikTok to reach its teenage audience, and it worked. This smart tactic also helped Disney gain approximately 172 million new followers across all (47) of its social media accounts.

Overall, Disney reached millions of teens with its interactive TikTok game, bringing back childhood memories for many, while also reaping large financial gains for the company.

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