Farewell from the Editors-in-Chief

Farewell from the Editors-in-Chief

Dear Wickies and Extended AIS Family,

We joined The Wick at different stages: one of us was a super survivor and one of us was a new 10th grader just getting to know the community. Joined together by our shared passion for writing and the welcoming environment in Room 205, we came together to lead The Wick as its editors in chief. 

The Wick brought us closer to each other and our cherished staff. While The Wick values its routines–from our annual Christmas party to monthly brainstorming sessions–our talented, creative, and well-rounded staff ensures that there’s never a dull moment on this publication!

This year, we wanted to create more ways for the student body to feel just as connected to The Wick as we do. Our monthly printed edition keeps people informed, but our social media keeps people involved. After a successful petition–started by our former Editor in Chief, Kimberly Tyson ‘22, and carried out by one of our up and coming editors, Rachel Avery ‘25–we were lucky enough to receive permission to create an Instagram account that launched last summer. The Instagram profile is still in its infancy, but we hope that more bright minds will join our staff and develop our online presence. 

We would not have felt empowered to pursue new projects without the leadership and support of our faculty advisor, Mrs. Verdeur. She is the heart of our publication and constantly exceeds her responsibilities as an advisor, editing every article in detail and helping manage deadlines. As an AIS alum, Mrs. Verdeur was a former Editor in Chief of the Wick herself, and her dedication to good reporting has never wavered. 

We are so proud of our Editors-in-Chief, Rachel Avery ‘25 and Samantha Pierce ‘25. Each edition this year, we’ve looked forward to Samantha’s eye-catching front pages and Rachel’s assignment suggestions that are always personalized to our younger staff. We would also like to congratulate Kiran McCormick, who will take on the new position of Associate Editor. During Kiran’s tenure as section editor, we could always count on her to put out a thoughtful and compelling news article. Lastly, we can’t wait to see what our Deputy Editors, Lizzie Shacklett ‘26 and Chloe Spears ‘26 will accomplish next year! Lizzie and Chloe consistently write clever on-campus pieces that demonstrate their enthusiasm for our school wide community. 

We part with The Wick with heavy hearts, but could not be happier to leave this publication in the hands of our new leaders and ever expanding staff. We sincerely hope that you stay in touch to keep us up to date with your most recent achievements!

Much love,

Sophie St. Amand and Chloe Walsh


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