A Hallmark Paradox: Formulaic but Entertaining

I am adamant that Hallmark movies are the lowest of the low when it comes to movies. I admit with guilt that every year, I watch Hallmark movies during the holiday season, but if you say that they are good films, you are confusing well-made with entertaining. 

The best part about Hallmark movies is that they are utter trash. Every single one of them follows a formula and never appears to deviate from it. They have a handsome male lead, commonly a handyman or mechanic, who does not believe in the holiday spirit and a female lead, possibly a singer or journalist, who does not believe in love. By the end of the movie, their romantic partners force them to change their opinions (I mention the male lead and female lead because I have not once seen a queer relationship and believe that should be a Hallmark addition!). Of course, they are always in a small town, and there must be a random elder who is their guardian angel.

Rarely does anyone watch Hallmark movies and say, “Wow! I didn’t expect that!” The beauty of Hallmark movies is that they are incredibly predictable; you never need to expend any brain cells when watching Hallmark movies. During a period where students are crammed with tests and papers, this is a valuable resource. 

I may complain every year that Hallmark movie plots (if you can call them that) are predictable and bad, but I still watch the movies every year. So I, in no way, shape, or form, judge anyone for watching them. Instead, I encourage you to enjoy watching them with friends and family while at the same time acknowledging how terrible they are; is that not the holiday spirit?


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