2024 Flag Football Tournament Stirs Up Competition

2024 Flag Football Tournament Stirs Up Competition

The 2024 Flag Football tournament was one for the ages. The first semifinal match, Juniors vs Freshmen, went down to the wire. The Freshmen scored an opening drive touchdown before adding another on the next drive. They mostly held the Juniors quiet until the second half when the Juniors scored two touchdowns, tying the game at 12. Experience seemed to help the Juniors in their comeback and aided them by riding out the fast-starting Freshmen. The game went into overtime, with the Juniors scoring a touchdown and winning the game 18-12. Although the Freshmen lost, with their solid defense and skillful receivers, they have much potential for future years.

The next semifinal matchup pitted the Seniors against the Sophomores. The Seniors started strong, scoring 24 points in the first half and stopping the Sophomores from scoring any points. The Seniors had a good mix of running and passing touchdowns and were able to knock down the Sophomores’ passes. In the second half, the momentum quickly shifted to the Sophomores who scored three touchdowns, all by Claire Ballinger. The run game broke down the Seniors’ defense, but ultimately, the Seniors were able to run the clock and stop any potential comeback from the Sophomores. Nevertheless, the Sophomores showed promise with a strong offense and defense, and will be one of the leading contenders to win the Super Bowl next year.

The Super Bowl was probably one of the most anticipated flag football games in school history. Both grades came dressed uniformly, played music, yelled, and exchanged several barbs leading up to and during the game. However, the Seniors backed their talk up with a dominant and commanding 36-0 win. The Seniors started strong and ended strong, having another good mix of running and passing touchdowns. The Seniors’ defense also stepped up in this game, keeping the Juniors’ running game quiet and making goal line stands to prevent them from scoring. 

The Seniors’ win meant they successfully defended their title, winning two rings in two years. After upsetting the 2023 Seniors in the Super Bowl, the Seniors this year were the top contender and left their legacy with one of the most dominant Super Bowl wins in school history. This year’s tournament will surely be remembered for each grades’ competitive spirit and support for their respective teams. The play was at a high level, competition was fierce, and grades bonded over a good game of flag football.

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