An Evolving World, An Evolving Curriculum

An Evolving World, An Evolving Curriculum

As the world around us continues to develop, Agnes Irwin strives to keep up; recent changes in the fifth grade curriculum exemplify this effort. 

Given that artificial intelligence and  machine learning are some of the most rapidly-progressing subjects, the curators of the middle school curriculum recognized the urgency that the next generation of data scientists, engineers, and developers be experienced with AI. They therefore integrated computer science into the middle school where previously it  was only taught in the upper school. Introducing this subject at an earlier age gives students a stronger foundation in technology and creates the potential for them to discover a  passion earlier on.

Next the middle school introduced Latin to younger students. The Agnes Irwin School boasts strength in all disciplines; sports, arts and humanities, mathematics, and science. Now, when students enter the middle school, they are exposed to three different languages: Spanish, Latin, and French. At the end of fifth grade, students choose which of the three languages they are most interested in continuing. 

Agnes Irwin’s curriculum is in the process of adapting to a world that is increasingly filled with technology and new standards. As our world continues to grow and change,  Agnes Irwin and its students  are finding new ways to adapt and become the next generation of  thinkers and  leaders.

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