Question of the Month: If you have watched The Summer I Turned Pretty, are you Team Conrad or Team Jeremiah?

Question of the Month: If you have watched The Summer I Turned Pretty, are you Team Conrad or Team Jeremiah?


“Okay although in the books Conrad becomes a better person, I still think Jeremiah is better suited for Belly. I mean if you think about it Jeremiah and Conrad have cared for Belly their entire lives, however Jeremiah is always willing to show it while Conrad “hides” it and pretends like he could care less. If I were looking for a guy I would want someone who would actually show they care about me. If in the 3rd season Belly chooses Conrad, I’ll just take Jeremiah.”


“Conrad was horrible to Belly in the first season. Jeremiah was by her side her whole life, besides when he found out she was cheating with his brother but I feel like that a valid reason to be mad at her unlike Conrad. Jeremiah is just the best and only option.”


“Jeremiah is so much better than Conrad. He actually cares about her. Conrad broke up with Belly on his PROM NIGHT. SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOR! Jeremiah would never.”


“Jeremiah waited for Belly and was always there for her no matter what. Conrad is going through things and doesn’t have time for her.”



“Conrad is just made for her, she knows it.”


“Jeremiah cheated on her.”


“Even though Jeremiah is so nice to her, she will always love Conrad.”


“Jeremiah is fake and only liked Belly when Conrad was with her. Conrad has problems but he always loved Belly and wanted what was right for her. Jeremiah saw it as a competition while Conrad actually loved her.”


“Belly will never stop loving Conrad no matter what.”


“Jeremiah makes EVERYTHING ABOUT HIMSELF. I get that he saw most of Susannah dying but Conrad was at college and had to deal with the beach house drama. Conrad also loves Belly for Belly. Jeremiah is into Belly now because she became “pretty”… Conrad for life. He made his mistakes but Jeremiah is in for the look, not for the love.”


“Jeremiah uses her when it’s practical for him. Conrad’s liked Belly for his entire life.”


“I’m actually more team Anti-Belly, but if I have to choose it’s obviously Conrad, especially if you read the books. She also says she’s just settling for Jeremiah, which doesn’t really inspire confidence in that relationship. And everyone is saying she played with Jere’s heart, but she made out with Conrad’s brother, in his sweatshirt, on his car, and on his campus, knowing that he still had feelings for her, sooo I feel like she played him more than Jeremiah. Jeremiah also did this even though it was his brother’s ex-girlfriend. Also, even though Conrad was not the best boyfriend, he was dealing with his mom dying and knew he couldn’t be there for Belly at that moment, so he stepped away from the relationship, which was probably the right thing to do. In conclusion, Conrad is the best choice, Belly is the worst, and Jeremiah is pretty mid.”



“Belly needs to learn that not everything revolves around her and that EVERY boy doesn’t just fall in love with her, as it is selfish and narcissistic. I think everyone can agree on hating Belly.

Chemistry-wise, I’m team conrad. However, Belly needs serious therapy before she can be in a relationship with either one of them. She is messing with them one month after their mother died. ONE MONTH. ALSO she was shaming Steven for not taking Susannah’s death seriously after he got into PRINCETON. MEANWHILE, as soon as she arrives in cousins she starts playing hot potato with jere and conrad. she’s just toying with their emotions during a vulnerable time in their lives. their mother just died. LET ME REITERATE. SUSANNAH DIED NOT EVEN A FULL MOON AGO. also she’s been a brat to laurel. LAUREL LITERALLY LOST HER BEST FRIEND. SUSANNAH WAS BASICALLY HER SISTER AND SHE WAS MAKING THE ENTIRE DEATH ABOUT HER AND MAKING LAUREL FEEL LIKE HER EMOTIONS WEREN’T JUSTIFIED. she is quite literally off her rocker. therapy. she needs it like yesterday.”


“Belly is toxic get her out.”


“Belly doesn’t deserve to be with either of them because she isn’t mature enough to be in a relationship.”


“IF YOU DIDN’T READ THE BOOKS YOU DON’T HAVE A SAY. (also i’m low key team anyone but belly).”


“Belly ruined their family dynamic.”


“Belly deserves no one because she’s starting too much drama.”



“Not only is [Cameron] so cute but he’s better than Conrad and Jeremiah in every way.”



“At the present moment, I think Belly needs to explore her relationship with Jeremiah and let Conrad figure out his stuff. The less drama, the better! (not for a TV show, but for real life LOL)

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