Letter from the Editors in Chief

Letter from the Editors in Chief

Dear AIS, 

Welcome to The Wick, Agnes Irwin’s school newspaper. Our names are Sophie St. Amand and Chloe Walsh, and we are this year’s editors-in-chief. We first worked together on The Wick in the fall of our sophomore year, when we co-wrote a feature on new teachers at AIS, and continued to work together throughout our sophomore and junior years. Now, as seniors, we cannot wait to serve as The Wick’s editors-in-chief and to extend what we love about The Wick to the rest of the school.

The Wick is a student-run newspaper. Our staff members write stories, take photographs, create visuals, format each issue, and manage our website and social media. Our dedicated staff allows us to publish both online and on paper to make The Wick accessible to you. 

Last year, we transitioned our paper to a traditional broadsheet-style layout. We hope that our staff continues to gain mastery in this field, and we look forward to our next challenge: our new Instagram page. We will post frequent polls and games for students to interact with, and we will post article previews so you can anticipate some of the next issue’s content. We have been working to establish a social media account for a few years now, with particular help from The Wick’s previous editors-in-chief, Phoebe Smith ‘23 and Kimberly Tyson ‘22. We took much inspiration from them in our planning for this year, and we are very grateful to have worked under their mentorship. 

Most of all, we hope to incorporate your voices into every issue. Whether you are on The Wick’s staff or not (you should be), we want this paper to be relevant to you, to reflect your views, and to be unique to the AIS community. We  invite every student to submit work, so never hesitate to reach out to us if you would like to contribute. Additionally, if there are any topics you want to see covered, but you’re not interested in writing, let us know or fill out our “Tip Jar,” linked on The Wick’s page on AISPress.org and in our Instagram bio. Also, if you have any posters or announcements you would like to display, please send it to us and we can post it on our Instagram and, if time-relevant, print it in our issue. We also hope to feature service opportunities in The Wick to keep you in the loop. 

Already, we have an incredible staff, but we are always looking to expand our family. If you are at all interested in joining us, please reach out to [email protected] or [email protected]. We cannot wait for this coming year and to see how you embrace The Wick and make it your own. 


Sophie & Chloe <3


P.S. Follow our instagram: @thewick_ais

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